Christine Tsai is a weaver and artist living and working in the Bay Area, California. She graduated from Stanford University with a BS in Computer Science and is delighted to turn her focus and attention towards the precursor to the modern computer, the weaving loom.  Christine’s practice is driven by curiosity and an interest in exploring the boundaries of possibility, asking herself “what if” and “how”.  She is endlessly inspired by the natural world — its colors, shapes, and phenomena — and particularly loves stripes and gradients.

Her work was recently exhibited in the 2023 de Young Open and the 53rd Annual Textile Exhibit at the Olive Hyde Gallery in Fremont and featured in Uppercase Magazine, Issue 59. She will be exhibiting in the 2024 54th Annual Textile Exhibit at the Olive Hyde Gallery.

Christine has written weaving patterns in collaboration with Gist Yarn and is currently the featured textile artist for their Weave Quarterly 4-Shaft Subscription box.

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